Trouble the Water celebrates the resilience of community in the face of massive government failures and institutional racism, raising questions that continue to haunt America years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans: Who is vulnerable in our society and why? What is the responsibility of a government to its citizens? And what does it take to beat the odds and survive? It is in the spirit of addressing these very questions that a group of teachers, researchers, community organizers, artists, editors, and students came together and created the Trouble the Water Study Guide. The goal of this project is to deepen the discussion about issues related to race, class and privilege laid bare by Katrina, and brought to life on film in Trouble the Water, by engaging young people in learning activities that inspire, encourage and facilitate agency. Intended for use at the middle school, high school and university levels, the modules can also be adapted for use by community groups, civic groups and NGOs. Teachers and facilitators may wish to use the entire curriculum, or select individual Units as appropriate to the needs of their group.